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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the worst months in three years for the u.s. stock market. more context and analysis coming your way next making money with charles payne starts in just a few moments. ♪ ♪ >> good evening i'm liz macdonald in for charles payne, more of hillar hillary clinton's e-mails said to be released tonight. more than 7,000 pages and we are going to tell you how many of them are considered classified. plus the latest gop polls show the outsiders, the nonpoliticians are a one, two punch for the gop party and the irs is in hot water again. now a judge demanding the tax agency be released every last demand the white house made for personal tax information. do not go anywhere. making money starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> breaking news. tonight the state department will release a new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails.
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we're talking some 7,000 pages. and we've got new information for you. 150 of those e-mails will contain classified redactions. fox business peter barns in washington d.c. with the latest. peter. >> that's right. and this would be the largest amount of these e-mails for the now regularly scheduled end of the month court imposed deadline for these document disclosures. and a state department official saying as you just said that nearly 150 of these e-mails will include retroactively classified information. now, earlier today the department had planned to release these e-mails right now. >> we're getting these e-mails back from -- as i said this inner agency review biology them, actually loading them online. it just takes a long time. and let me tell you. there's a lot of really detected people who have been working throughout the weekend to meet this goal. >> now, today roughly 60
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released e-mails have been redacted due to classified information they contained and as you might remember, hillary clinton has said in march that the classified material was not -- no classified material was on her server or in her e-mails. now she says that she never sent or received an e-mail that was marked classified at the time. liz. >> all right. thank you, peter very much. great reporting there as we await. the latest hillary clinton e-mails released by the state department. the former secretary of state continues to deny ever sending or receiving classified e-mails. you know, in politics it takes a long time -- maybe a year or so, for the narrative for a presidential candidate to take hold and if the polls say anything, here's what you need to know. it appears that the e-mail saga is taking a toll on her, back in april, 54% found her dishonest, and but as the
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e-mails pile up, 61% do not find hillary clinton honest. so is hillary clinton in trouble? joining me now tammy, fox news contributor, and former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor senator scott brown. senator brown, let me take it to you. all right. so we know now that the retro actively going back they were classified. the story is that dick cheney, for example, is now saying -- he was asked, well, china has, you know, the opm records, meaning per personnel records. so they must have hillary's e-mails. i think the backdrops for the voter is should they care right now about this hillary clinton e-mail saga or is it a hit to her credibility? >> of course. it's the first word that they're embedding getting in these polls when you identify hillary clinton. it's liar. that's not a good word to be associated with when you're running for the united states presidency. you have a situation right now where there are and have been
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two different types of rules, standards for the clintons. one for them and one for everybody else. and as a former senator or someone who served 35 years in the military, the last four at the pentagon, i can tell you that we get daily briefings on safety and security, whether it's cyber security, physical security or knowing where we are and the things that we do publicly and privately. so they knew, she knew, she's the head of the state department, folks, she knows. she knew this stuff and for her -- deirdre: but she shouldn't have had. >> for her to have that washington she has a secretary of state. everything she does is classified. >> even with former senator said hillary clinton should have immediately turned over her server, what do you think. >> yeah. i think that was shady behavior. it's not something that anybody can defend and that's where the untrustworthiness comes in factor.
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whether this is an e-mail issue or not, it's about her being untrustworthy. but the question is -- is this going to have the staying power -- is this going to stick with her the way that the republicans and the right would like it to stick? it's moving pretty quickly and i don't think she can necessarily make up a lot of ground but if they say what you know, it was retroactive and. >> yeah. >> and she didn't do anything wrong, she may be able to make up the ground. >> you know, tammy, you and i were talking, this is also about iowa; right? the democrats are already limiting the number of debates and these kinds of stories matter. this feels like 2008 all over again. she was leading hillary clinton by seven points and now only leading by 7 points. what do you make of it? >> she has lost 30% of her support in the last few months. and you're looking at somebody who -- it's not even about this one event. this confirms what people have already thought about her.
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so even if this event doesn't stick, another event will also come up. but it reaffirms she's nothing new to anyone. she's already soup, we already. so these will be dropping every month through the beginning of the next year. the fbi investigation into the criminal activity will eventually have to be finished and will be delivered. this i do think also is just the tip of the iceberg, very interesting with that fbi investigation she must be worried about is that you're looking at aids who are being looked at. is that someone in that team that does not want to have their lives ruined because of hillary clinton's paranoia and her own pathology? is that someone who will say, look, i'll talk to you. >> that's a strong word, isn't it? >> well, i think after 40 years of watching these people in the public eye, i think it's appropriate. but i think what they've got to be concerned about is what else is there? is there anyone on the team who will speak with the fbi for some kind of immunity so
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that their lives around ruined. >> bernie sanders doesn't have the field operations that president obama has. again, i mean is there now the democrats have a wounded front runner going into iowa and into the other caucuses and primaries? >> did you say joe biden? >> yeah. >> joe binding it would be appropriate and responsible for him to jump in. i know bernie sanders, i have served with him, he does not have that infrastructure and here's what's happening in new hampshire, he's an independent. and new hampshire is very strict about who can run in the democratic primary. it's only going to take one person to object to him running in new hampshire and what's happening in new hampshire is that you have all the independents are going to the republicans because there's so many. the liberal democrats are staying home and they don't like hillary clinton. so they're going to vote for bernie sanders. >> but hillary is leading, she beats all the gop candidates and biden and sanders right now. i think the issue with hillary clinton -- i mean let me back
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up. it's not just a hillary e-mail scandal. you link it to the retail operation of a clinton foundation. turning the state department into a storefront for their own influence, meaning pay to play. in other words, the american people may be thinking what you know? there's a bureaucratic snafu here, classified, but if you link the other clinton controversies together, then you've got to say to your word wow something is not quite right in the clinton camp; right? tamara? >> yeah. and to tammy's point, pathology may be a strong word but it's a partner of practice in the clintons. if it's not e-mail, it's the foundation, it's questionable behavior that has gone on from the clinton days, president clinton days through the state department and so on. and what's interesting about the numbers is that the educated women are looking down upon hillary and her numbers are being affected there. so when she makes these comments, these comments, like, oh, nobody asks me about that except you guys. >> yeah. that's the point.
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>> clearly people who are paying attention do find her untrustworthy. >> so you are saying people are getting engaged right now and, tammy, here's the thing. about the scandal, hillary clinton has been combative, dismissive, made a joke we like snapchat because the messages disappear in snapchat. i think she also announced her college tuition on snapchat as well. and then the question on friday night is hillary clinton came out and rather last week was apologyic and then reverse again last night; right? >> they're recognizing something bad happened here, her campaign manager robbie told like that washington post are things coming at us from outer space. it has been very challenging. he's 35. it's problematic when did that the person running your campaign. hillary is trying to find a way to change her tone. i think it's a bit too late. her main concern also should be what an algore or john kerry, anyone else in the
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party bernie sanders is within single digits of her. >> right. >> and everyone else think so i should have been president is not going to let bernie sanders have it and to your point, there's a responsibility for people who care about the democrat party because this does seem to be collapsing. hillary is trying to -- it's almost like she's in the water without a life jacket and she's doing her best but i don't think it will be enough. >> yeah. like drowning on dry land. senator, we're hearing that former president bill clinton is upset about joe biden possibly tossing his hat into the race. what do you think about that. >> who cares. listen we are in a country in trouble right now. we live in the greatest country in the world and one of the reasons donald trump is doing so well is he's basically stepping back from the almost eight years of apologizing and criticizing and not sticking up for our allies and not being feared by our foes. that's what donald trump is talking about. hillary clinton is as marco
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rubio said from the older generation and she's going to have trouble because of the lying because of the lack of trustworthiness because she hasn't driven in 20 years and you have all that badge. we have real issues. >> each side is going to get more serious. >> okay. >> because tomorrow, five months, from tomorrow will be the iowa. >> there you go. we've got to leave it there. bernie sanders closing in on initially iowa polls. we're going to have more about this discussion coming up next. don't go away ♪
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> i am supporting president obama's effort to make certain that iran does not make a nuclear weapon. when i get very nervous about my republican friends who keep implying that the only way we could do that is through another war.
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war is the last resort, not the first resort. . liz: well, that was bernie sanders on the sunday show, this week getting a little frustrated when asked about foreign policies. but mr. sanders is surging in the last bloomberg politics iowa poll. clinton remains on top with 37% of the votes. and bernie sanders is not far behind with 30%. now mrs. clinton lead dropping significantly from may. so hillary clinton be able to hold onto this small lead or is she headed for disaster? joining us now rob, political analyst. still with us former senator scott brown and tammy bruce. let's talk a little bit about that interview, mr. to be. didn't ask about many questions about his foreign policy. is that his heel? >> well, everything is bernie sanders achilles heel?
6:16 pm
bernie sanders is like your crazy oldgrapher that you want to take out to dinner but you don't want to move in with you. . liz: what do you find objectable? >> i find some of the things he points out the size of banks big government catering to large corporations to be viable. but just the fact -- liz: wait a minute sorry. we're going to get the senator tammy in a second. he said business model on wall street fraud. does anybody believe that? >> well, donald trump said he's going to build a wall in mexico. so we have politicians saying things. this is like spring training right now. i like to do a sports analogy, bernie sanders is like this rookie who is a pitcher they've never seen before. so they don't know what he's got yet. liz: okay. >> but once they do, he's gone. >> with all due respect, bernie is not a rookie, he's been there for quite a long time, he wants to immediately raise taxes, he does not
6:17 pm
believe in capitalism, and i know him and there's not -- he's with the president 100% and what he said about the iran bill, the republicans wanting to go to war, that's not true. there's many different opportunities to continue sanctions and get our allies to deal with this. the deal we got -- liz: hang on. sorry. mr. sand certifies flat out diseasing the american people. >> absolutely. liz: about where we stand in iran. >> absolutely with that particular issue and also with regard to the wall. and i think we can do a wall along with drones and border security. liz: a wall where. >> the natural assets. be i absolutely believe that and i believe it's an imperative thing to do. i believe it, i've voted for it. and this president on every occasion has said no. liz: all right. take a lot of eminent domain seizures to build a wall. >> i guarantee they would be very happy to have the security there. liz: let's set that aside for now. because i want to focus on mr. sanders and his poles of.
6:18 pm
what do we know about his policies besides a big government taking and redistributing. i'm not sure that nancy can better allocate people in the private markets; right? tammy? >> yeah. this has been a guy who has been in public office for a very, very long time. i think when it comes to the left, i used to be on the left. they -- all of it is magical thinking, and they get to the point and they get these ideas and they just never think about implementing them. it never gets down to actually doing the job. there is a lack of desire to govern because that's hard work. they live in the world of ideas, of involving unicorns and rainbows. so it's not unusual to find the leftist who -- that talks about things and makes stuff up and landings and, you know, without the notion or even barack obama who is upset that the world did not go his way and make things happen demand they should happen, and so he goes and renames the mountain,
6:19 pm
so he does things for himself liz: we're going to talk about this later, he has a lot of executive action, and i hear what you're saying about the wall. everybody's trying to catch up with donald trump and might suggest a wall between california and hawaii. and this is not a silly season. tomorrow is everybody's vacation. people are going to take it more seriously. this can be fun, but i think that things are still going to get mixed up a bit. liz: okay. next up. thank you very much, guys. oil spikes and gas drops. in just time for labor day. we're going to have the news about that. don't go away can a business have a mind?
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liz: did russian's vladimir putin just give a market signal about where he thinks oil and gas prices are going inspect doesn't look very concerned to me, look at that, just basically working out
6:23 pm
there. pumping iron. joining me hillary cramer and president cio. also dominic, diversified private wealth president and steve cortez, bgc partner trader and strategist. let's go to hillary, the reason we set that up for you is because reportedly half of the government come from -- maybe he knew there was a spike in oil. >> well, certainly he seems very happy and pumped up. liz: right. >> but it was interesting. i was in russia, i came back a week ago sunday, and it -- one dollar a year ago could give you 30. thursday one dollar could give you 60 rubbles and then 67 rubbles. so it's impressive what's happening in russia. they're struggling. liz: in trouble? >> they're really in trouble, and it seems to be such a loss of credibility. for a while there, a lot of putin's supporters but not now. the drop -- also of course the
6:24 pm
sanctions. liz: right. >> with western europe, it's a problem. liz: let me take it to you, steve. where do you think oil and gas is going? hillary saying three days this 30% spike higher, i think it's a spike higher since 1990, what's going on here? >> yeah. i think at least since 2009. now, prices in energy going to get better from here? i actually think so. i think there's too much pessimism, and i'm generally pessimistic on the stock market but not energy. one of the reasons i believe in energy, by the way, is i think the fed despite tough talk, i think the fed is on hold if that's the case that probably means dollar lower generally dollar lower means energy higher. they trade-i trade. now, russia is falling apart as hillary alluded to, it is falling apart simple they're very entertaining, of course
6:25 pm
he poses with tigers and sum marines and polar bears and they're very typical of what he is because the countries who are one trick ponies, countries who are masquerading those countries, saudi arabia, russia, venezuela, they're in a lot of trouble and i do say, not to gloat but couldn't happen to a nicer set of guys . liz: let me just clarify what you said because there's a lot of confusion whether or not the fed is going to raise interest rates and whether the stock market has priced it in. what do you think about that because oil is going up, you know, that's a signal that the oil markets know that the fed will not be raising rates. >> no. honestly i think oil is doing two things. one, reacting to economic world, economic growth and then look at the production here in the united states. we're losing 40,000 barrels a day in production.
6:26 pm
the wealth we felt over the last three years, they would deplete quickly, 70% loss in some cases in the first year. so a lot of those calls are coming offline or the production is coming offline. so very quickly. we could be down a million barrels a day. liz: so that's why oil prices are going up. is that what you're saying? >> well, we're seeing a very significant drop in the production of oil in this country alone. that's the good news in terms of oil prices. the bad news is that these can come online very, very quickly. can be drilled very quickly. we could see production in the first quarter spike up. liz: we have five seconds left. opec call an emergency meeting to raise prices; right? >> that's right. liz: more good news for ben carson in iowa. he is tiled with donald trump for the lead there also carly fiorina is in third place. now, did you notice this? did you take a note of it? these are the three nonpoliticians, number one,
6:27 pm
two, and three. that's what's going on here. what is happening? we'll have more next
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. liz: dr. carson and donald trump and a virtual tie for number one according to the latest poll of the iowa republicans whenas to assert their support the first time since july 26 and i will
6:31 pm
pull >> >> they really want someone outside of washington and. steve forbes distinguished fellow at the heritage foundation has talked with us what you think? >> the people did not like career politician look at the polls like michigan and arizona then a top to trump and carson and fear read as though the three non politicians because there is discussed for washington and the way republicans have governed. liz: now you have cruz christie trying to be like donald trump scott walker to
6:32 pm
say we should build a wall with canada is a really with the should be doing or going after donald trump to say single payer is not a good way to go? said he doesn't like the flat tax that is not the way to go? >> that it is the challenge if you figure to be president you should be able to speak out like donald trump that is the brilliance of the system that these men don't know how to handle it or to be the other guy maybe they cannot handle things if it comes up with them. of course, you have individuals who did not anticipate this but it requires to move quickly so this will make all of them better candidates in the person to get sick like carly fiorina who isn't fake snow is being honest with us
6:33 pm
we can tell if it is a nafta or not. liz: he said his own agenda if you agree with it or not the you have a message? >> if you have $10 billion. deirdre: it is on paper. >> it doesn't matter. >> you can save you much. -- pretty much to anything you want ted cruz christie was very boisterous like donald trump and had good ideas before donald trump got in the race and he did call me at the city has a message for charles he is not to read the 60 minutes interview but he will come on charles show. that is the message from the donald. liz: interesting. did you see rich lowry?
6:34 pm
saying it is not the way to go with any campaign as a bar stool bombast? >> i am one of the people who agree with about half of what donald trump says the of the other half thinks he is crazy. as an economist we need growth in the country that should be the primary message have to get growth? cut tax rates with free trade. liz: but donald trump said he is for the single payer system and it may not me. >> exactly my point. he has the message that is picked up by too many republicans the way u.n. is you say you want a tax increase for the rich to go after immigration to close america's borders that is not pro growth that will win for americans.
6:35 pm
>> this is what the of their candidates have to do. they have 2.0 what he has been saying and what tsa now how it isn't conservative. liz: what are they afraid of? >> they are afraid. >> of what? director of going after them or the media. liz: the voters? >> it will not be over and tell california it is the process. vacations are over now people are paying attention. there will be a lot more interaction that is positive. any one of these candidates would make a better president and hillary clinton. >> this is where everyone can do well to learn their lesson 2.0 how a dash dynamic.
6:36 pm
liz: president obama and gains attention on his climate change initiative by rewriting of history books to read name mount mckinley to donnelley as a trivial to the of -- to address the negative effects of global warming after allowing royal dutch shell to drill for oil off the coast. was this a political stunt to read name mount mckinley to denali? mickey is in the last 14 months also flying to velazquez to talk about climate change to be nice to the environment. everything this man does is hypocritical. this is reversed immediately to tromp and we will pledge to a casino on top like a cherry.
6:37 pm
liz: it is pretty messy politics. >> we have a financial crisis the last couple of weeks, a topsy-turvy stock market, the economic news isn't good, people are retired about retirement savings n barack obama goes to alaska us to talk about climate change? it is fanaticism. there will be a big backlash against renaming mount mckinley if he had done this if it was a democrat? i wonder about that. >> i think he is doing using his pen to do whatever he wants. what i pray for is you will not continue to take this down a road we cannot step back from. liz: is and he's setting up the climate changes summit in paris? >> it is the damage he can move through when he is out of office and effectively condemns everyone for existing, it gives a broad base as there is a lot of
6:38 pm
money attached to with the easiest thing to use throughout the world is a about barack obama now what is good for this country. >> look at the polls the american people from the top 25 issues daybreak global warming 25. liz: china ways on the west stocks as hundreds are rested as beijing has a crack down including in the rumors hopes -- the story is next.
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liz: we warned you this might happen and it is nearly to a hundred people arrested in china for spreading false rumors allegedly over the internet including the country's stock market volatility. from london to new york it is the worst monthly drop in three years. then dow and s&p have five days of swings of 5%. our investors are back with me so chinese authorities arrested financial all journalists to say he is partly to blame for the crash in china. >> like when they said the guy was manipulating the market from his couch in england in 2010.
6:43 pm
>> i have heard from people on the ground that the chinese stock market is the equivalence of curve they don't you very much you cannot trust the earnings so they have discovered this and they're looking to bail. the underlying stocks with the shanghai market said china's citizen over the stock's. >> it is emblematic of time i have been bearish for years in the government now says if you sell then we will put n/a sell like a jail cell. it is desperation time there is of meltdown going on it does have a tremendous cost for the unit is states --
6:44 pm
the united states. liz: it doesn't mean the entire country stops doing business for quite have been covering the market 30 years but we also know is sensors the years to have a great fire wall but that is the issue not to have enough details. >> that all the detail is billions of dollars are pouring out of china tuesday spend on assets all over the world and the stock market keeps going down it is using in desperate measures and how to make the arrest will undermine the cause even more. >> what is your message to investors about china? >> be cautious it does matter to the global economy while the long-term growth
6:45 pm
story has not abated a lot of gyration it is time to be cautious. >> just like in 2000 the baby was thrown out with the bathwater there are good solid companies in china. >> is there a banking collapse? >> they can do whatever they want i am worried it can affect the chinese consumer like we went through the recession here. >> but you don't export a lot to the market. >> we do export to them. >> of 5% of the profits come from china so it could hurt us but plush the overall growth lawyer -- lower. >> a think that armageddon that they have to sell treasury -- trillions of
6:46 pm
dollars that doesn't happen we are in good shape. liz: the irs is in hot water to rid the the irs read these or personal tax information joining us with the newest developments. stay with us.
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6:50 pm
under the president is more in a smidgen of trouble as day requests at the white house meet for private taxpayer information kerry willis joins me with details. >> yet again the irs is stonewalling the organization's with the freedom of information request one emails between the irs and the white house. and it could be the smoking gun if it was targeting the conservative group to not approve their applications and to they want this to find information that they are required to do this by the federal judge jackson space knows certain terms say you must comply with this order.
6:51 pm
they could stonewall four months. liz: they have been you have lois lerner the former top official using an e-mail account under her dog's name the rabil toxic part of this jury is whether or not the obama administration used the irs to go after the enemies to suppress the opposition. >> in the nexus of the search a could answer your question to tell us if the white house the administration and the president would go after its enemies using the irs. we will not know maybe it over months. liz: the top democrats in the senate were using the letterhead from the committee to save look into the nonprofits during that time charles schumer and al franken.
6:52 pm
this is after the "state of the union" address some of the also dash emails to the congressmen to say put the arm on a irs? that is one heck of a story. >> we are watching this but what is so interesting to me is the judges are up in arms interpreting the law they're looking at this to say you absolutely must comply. i will read the response from the organization's founder said. >> no administration is above the law we are pleased the court has sided with us on this important point. this is the second we have reported on exactly like this. liz: the irs behaves like it is above the law. and this is the most transparent administration in history but they are
6:53 pm
being opaqued. >> you have to think government accountability. where is it? liz: they work for us. we do not work for them. this is so important to. the u.s. open begins today wilson read nobelium secure the grand slam? max. -- next. don't go away. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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liz: no set e8 am reached today, nothing between tom brady and the nhl . a decision will likely be reached tomorrow or wednesday. >> meantime, in queens, serena williams could aiming for a
6:57 pm
grand slam at u.s. open, beginning tonight. she sold out women's final before the men's for first time in history. the world's number 3 maria shirapova withdrew, from the tournament due to a knee injury. mike, what are serena's odds of the grand slam. >> very my, maria, dropping out because of the injury. liz: is that her toughest competition? >> right now she faces history, and pressure of doing this first woman to steph graph in 88,. liz: could be first grand slam in how much years. >> 88. jim:
6:58 pm
liz: i had no idea it was that long. >> longer for men. liz: what of the men. >> 1946. liz: that is a long time. what could stop her? >> herself, i think she is going up against you know a slew of opponents that have not had as much success or experience in grand slam titles, she faced so many of these women. liz: she seems mentally stronger. >> absolutely, in final round, they are not really much in the way of a challenge, right now she is just going up against history, herself, and she is going up against you know this idea of what a woman tennis player can be doing this advanced in her career, she is getting better as she gets older. liz: does she have any physical problems. >> no, you are looking at 90
6:59 pm
degree weather in new york, in queens, coming up, that might be -- liz: is this typical? >> the good thing for her, her matches don't go long. she is not going to have after effect if you look at men's side there is more competition for federer and nadal, and murray, you know that may be an issue for men. but she dismantled her opponents so quickly. liz: what do the men a games. >> looking at federer, this might be his last go around. -- liz: do you think he wins. >> i don't think so. liz: who do you think. >> i think djokovic at the top of his game, nadal may be a sleeper. usually you see him higher up because of injuries. >> thank you so much mike you going? >> i'm going. liz: you will be here, great show, hope you will join me every night for the week, at 6 p.m., if you can't set your dvr, you don't want to miss a moment
7:00 pm
of "making money," right now lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. liz: good evening, i am lou dobbs, new polls make it clear vast majority of americans are fed up with washington, and the political establishment that includes leaders of both political parties, and they declared dramatically to be their favorite. also, ben carson. who is tied with trump in latest 2016 polling survey out of iowa, behind them another antiestablishment candidate carly fiorini, we'll have a role report here tonight.


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